landfill - Tir John

Tir John Landfill Site (Swansea) – Remediation

Client: Swansea City Waste Disposal Company Ltd.

Value: £3.5m


  • Excavation of 2,000m3 of waste material
  • Installation of 2,500m2 starter layer and geogrid
  • Import and placing of 110,000m3 of general fill material
  • Installation of leachate and surface water drainage pipework


The Tir John landfill project required Walters to work closely with landfill project designer Jacobs Engineering Limited, who had divided this scheme into two sections. The first stage of the project was capping works to remediate a used landfill area; this involved site clearance, surface water drainage and the installation of leachate drains.

The second stage was preparation works for the new ‘cell 15’ and included all preliminary work required, prior to the site being used as a new landfill area.


Phase 1 capping works involved the process of sealing a previously used landfill cell and capping the land to prevent the surrounding area from becoming contaminated by landfill pollutants. To accomplish this, Walters had to install pipework for leachate and water drainage, as well as 60,000m2 of 1mm LLDPE liner with drainage and protective geocomposite geotextiles.

The second phase was cell 15 preparation. This involved the excavation of 2,000m3 of waste material and the installation of 25,000m2 of starter layer and geogrid. Walters also imported and placed 110,000m3 of general fill material at a rate of approximately 3,600 tonnes per day, while the project was concluded with the positioning of settlement and monitoring equipment to ensure the
environmental success of the project.

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