soil treatment facility

Soil Treatment Facility constructed for England and Wales

Client: Biogenie/Biffa

Value: £600,000


  • Construction of 6,500m2 of pavement for vehicular use
  • Implementation of environmental Bunding
  • Construction of water collection lagoons


The soil treatment facility in Redhill, Surrey was constructed at the Biffa Waste Services landfill site, with the intention of servicing England and Wales with a large, hazardous waste treatment facility.

The site was constructed on top of an existing capped landfill cell and was the designated area chosen to produce inert soils, for application as restoration and filling materials for the adjacent landfill.


Walters worked to excavate and deposit site-won clays, in order to develop an engineered plateau. This plateau was constructed on top of the previously-capped and restored landfill cell.

To reduce visual impact on the local community, extensive environmental bunding was implemented by Walters as a means of lessening the visual obtrusion of the site upon the surrounding area.

Walters was also responsible for the construction of site perimeter/fencing, internal site drainage and water attenuation ponds for both dirty and clean surface water collection.

The site can accept waste with the following EWC Codes:

01 – Wastes resulting from exploration, mining, quarrying and physical and chemical treatment of minerals
05 – Wastes from petroleum refineries, natural gas purification and pyrolytic treatment of coal
13 – Oil wastes and wastes of liquid fuels (except edible oils, and those in chapters 05, 12 and 19)
16 – Waste not otherwise specified in the list
17 – Construction and demolition wastes (including excavated soil from contaminated sites)
19 – Wastes from waste management facilities, off-site waste water treatment plants and the preparation of water intended for human consumption and water for industrial use
20 – Municipal wastes (household waste and similar commercial, industrial and institutional wastes)
including 2003 Gully Waste

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