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Pant Y Wal wind farm construction

Client: Pennant Walters

Value: £10m


  • 21 Turbines
  • 10km of access roads
  • Steeply sloping Entrance Access
  • Greenfield site with strict environmental restrictions


Initially the Pant Y Wal windfarm and its adjoining sister site at Fforch Nest were separately proposed by different developers. However we had the chance to acquire full interest in both sites during the planning consent stage and were duly appointed to progress the projects as a single principal developer for maximum efficiency. We had the experience and the knowledge to handle all aspects of planning and construction within the group, simplifying communications and delivery. The combined project would consist of 21Nr, 2.5MW wind turbines with all associated infrastructure including crane platforms, access roads and cable trenching, to be built on a steeply sided mountain top with challenging, geotechnical issues.


Walters took full responsibility for the discharge of all Planning Conditions and the design and construction of all civil engineering works (including turbine foundations, crane platforms and access roads). A key feature of the site was the steeply sloping, 4 kilometre long access track, (rising over 400 metres vertically) necessary to reach the site via a new entrance. Our in-house design team modelled the alignment and volumetrics of all access tracks and hard standings, to ensure a balanced, cost effective earthworks solution. In addition to the new access track, a further 10 kilometres of on-site track over difficult, peat marsh terrain was designed and constructed, while meeting strict environmental and archaeological planning conditions.

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