Merthyr Landfill, Trecatti

Trecatti Landfill Site Works – South Wales

Client: Biffa Waste Services Limited

Value: £2.4m


  • Approximately 120,000 m3 of bulk excavation
  • Dredging of existing lagoon and placement of rock fill
  • Provision of new lagoon
  • Construction of new Leachate pumping station


The Trecatti landfill project site is situated in what is now a disused open cast mining facility. This has been the location of a numerous successful Walters projects over a number of years, the first of which was completed in 1993.

This 10 million m3 site is regarded as one of the most exposed landfills in the country, as such it’s subject to severe weather conditions, adding challenges to any attempt to undertake works.


Some of the work Walters have carried out at the Trecatti site has included the approximate excavation of 120,000m³ of material, including 15,000m of rock and removal of coal measures.In addition there was the dredging and filling of the existing lagoon, provision of a new lagoon and provision of new pumps and pumping station for discharge of clean surface water (using a nominated subcontractor).

Other associated works included attenuation ponds and drainage,plus 40,000m2 of basal drainage layer. Walters also had to relocate 40,000m³ of refuse, constructing a lower cell providing waste capacity of approx. 2 million m³. The new cell comprised of 27,000m² of 2.5m thick HDPE lining with associated stone and geological support layers, with work predominantly on a 1 : 2.5 side slope with tie-ins to previously laid liner.

Construction of a new access road 7.5m wide and 1200m long was also implemented by Walters, who’s successful completion of projects has lead to them being repeatedly awarded contracts at the Trecatti site.

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