Gorrel Aggregates

Gorrel: Servicing and maintenance to ensure up-time

Client: Gorrel

Value: £- Commercial rates


  • National Coverage
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • Liveried, Fully equipped vehicles
  • Immediate on site support
  • Operator training and advice

Project Outline

With plant deployed nationwide, to effectively and efficiently support our clients’ maintenance and servicing requirements, Gorrel has a nationally-based team of specialised technicians to deliver that quality of service.
With access to the very latest kit, they also rotate their working stock regularly, so clients only ever get new or very recently commissioned plant on site. By checking every item of plant that they supply before it’s deployed, they ensure that everything from hydraulics to warning lights are in excellent working order.

Project Delivery

From the moment the selected plant arrives on site, they allocate a specific service technician from their nationwide team. This means clients have instant, on-site access to a manufacturer trained plant fitter. The team all use fully equipped, liveried vans and are home-based for maximum flexibility. Their training is regularly refreshed with manufacturer courses. The range and scope of machinery that they work with on a day-to-day basis, ensures that they’ll be familiar with the plant on site.

Ongoing Training

Gorrel support their plant with all appropriate safety training on an ongoing basis, to ensure the operatives are entirely acquainted with the latest legislation and best practice in such subjects as working at height etc. Gorrel operatives are fully equipped with appropriate method statements and risk assessment forms on each support vehicle.

Operator Safety

Gorrel also ensure that all relevant client operatives are fully conversant with the controls and operation of plant hired and advise on best practice for ongoing maintenance, safety and handling.

Heavy Haulage Delivery

Through Gorrels’ parent company, there is access to Heavy Haulage services, so there’s no worry about the where and when of delivery, it’ll be taken care of as part of the service package.

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