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East Usk Railway Compound Installation

Client: ABC Electrification,

Value: £50,000


  • Rail
  • Site Clearance
  • Stone compound installation
  • Welfare facility erection
  • Fencing


As a requirement for the South Wales Main Line Electrification project, Network Rail required railway compounds and road/rail access points (RRAP) to be constructed at regular intervals, adjacent to the track, to facilitate material storage and access for the overhead cabling works.


Walters were appointed by ABC Electrification to construct a new railway compound located at the existing East Usk railway siding in Newport town centre. The compound would become an important storage hub and working facility for the electrification project.

Trackside Training

All Walters staff working on the project were required to have specific trackside training, due to the close proximity of the workforce to the open mainline.

Consideration for The local Community

Working adjacent to an adjacent housing estate, Walters co-ordinated all stone deliveries outside of morning/evening school rush hours.

Network Rail and ABC Railway Compound

By successfully imported and placed all material, fencing and site cabins to create a smart, new and important hub for Network Rail and ABC to use as part of the electrification project.

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