Port Talbot Demolition
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Demolition of B1 Tower, Port Talbot Steelworks

Client: Tata Steel UK

Value: £65,000


  • Technical demolition/deconstruction
  • Oxy/propane cutting
  • Craneage and Scaffolding
  • Scrap processing
  • Live steelworks environment
  • COMAH site
  • Gas Zone


When Tata Steel UK discovered they had a problem with a partially-collapsed tower located immediately adjacent to process critical services at Port Talbot Steelworks, they called upon the skill and experience of the Walters demolition team to assist them in making the tower safe on this technically challenging scheme.


Walters experienced demolition team studied historical drawings of the B1 tower structure (in conjunction with Tata’s appointed structural engineer) and devised a sequence of work which would allow the safe deconstruction of the tower in a systematic, member-by-member fashion, working from the top down.

Gas Sensitive Zone

Working in a Gas Sensitive Zone, Walters experienced team accessed the tower from scaffolding and carefully removed members to the pre-determined sequence, (using oxy/propane gas cutting techniques), with the assistance of a 70T crane supplied by Tata. The deconstruction sequence allowed Walters operatives to access the vicinity of an 8T motor quickly in order to remove this item early in the process, thereby removing significant weight from the ailing structure.

Demolition Process

Walters highly skilled operatives removed three storeys of the tower in a piecemeal fashion over a 4-week period. All removed steelwork was lifted to ground where it was processed by a Walters demolition specification 20t machine with a hydraulic scrap shear.

The job was completed safely and without incident, allowing the steel-making process to continue without interruption, leaving a very satisfied client.

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