Castlegate Caerphilly- Remediation Success Story

Client: Castle Gate

Value: £150,000,000


  • 60 acre contaminated landfill site
  • Significant groundwater and gas issues
  • Major remediation and in-ground gas/vapour barrier required
  • Significant infrastructure investment
  • Successful, thriving community resulted


In 2002 Walters Land acquired a 60 acre brownfield industrial site on the outskirts of Caerphilly. It had been used for almost half a century as a landfill depository for colliery waste, power station ash, chemical waste and other glass, rubber and paper waste products.

The daunting task at hand was to remediate and remodel the entire site to make it safe and economically viable for housing and commercial development. Using all of the resources of Walters Group, a robust plan was set out to restore the site following extensive groundwater and gas testing. There followed a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment in conjunction with Local Authority and other statutory bodies.



Today Castlegate forms part of a thriving business and social community on the Western edge of the town of Caerphilly. National housebuilders such as Bellway, Persimmon and Llanmoor have built (and sold) many hundreds of new, sustainable houses on the refreshed and refinished land, protected by one of the UK’s first gas and vapour in-ground barrier systems. The development includes significant green open space and many associated commercial properties have sprung to life. These include a Supermarket, a Pub, A restaurant, several office buildings and a medical centre complex with local pharmacy.

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