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Bardon Hill Quarry extension

Client: Internal

Value: £26,000,000


  • In excess of 13 million m3 of soil, rock and substrate to move
  • Landscaping and drainage of site

Project Sense represents the first phase of the Bardon Hill Quarry Extension, near Coalville, Leicestershire.


The Extension Area comprises approximately 128 hectares and lies to the south east of the existing Bardon Hill Quarry between the A511 to the south of the Site and the M1 Motorway to the east .

The extensive earthworks contract currently comprises of the following works:

  •  Stripping of approximately 970,000 m³ of Topsoil & Subsoil, including temporary stockpiling for re-use.
  • Removal of approximately 5,250,000 m³ of Overburden
  • Creation of Northern and Southern Landforms to perimeter of the Site (3,770,000 m³ and 305,000 m³ respectively).
  • Completion of drainage and landscaping to Tip 18 (912,000 m³),
  • Removal of approximately 1,625,000 m³ (4.3 million tonnes) of Rock


On an ongoing basis we’ll handle the transportation of rock and processed aggregates from Quarry Extension to Bardon Hill Quarry. The management of drilling and blasting operations will be handled by BAM Ritchies (under sub-contract to Walters Plant Hire). Meanwhile we’ll develop a new location for the primary crushing plant (approx. 28 metres deep) at the base of the project (including rock support works).
Dust suppression and management of surface and groundwater will be taken care of by the onsite experts at Gorrel Plant Hire UK, along with the following ongoing works while we’re on site

  • Excavation and construction of drainage blankets.
  • Translocation of wetland soils from donor site within quarry extension area to receptor site outside of the quarry.
  • Excavation and construction works to new Primary Attenuation Pond.
  • Construction of temporary Processing Area with Quarry Extension area.

The original contract was to be of 130 weeks duration, commencing May 2015, with a contract value of £18m. We’re delighted that an extension has been granted, extending the life of the contract until at least June 2019 and increasing the value to approximately £26m.

At the time of writing (July 2017) Walters have been on-site for 115 weeks and completed almost 60% of the contracted works.

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