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Gorrel is the premier provider of material re-handling equipment, and the largest plant hire company in the UK, with over 33 years of experience. We specialise in providing our customers with bespoke solutions to meet every requirement. We offer a 24/7 service with mobile plant engineers, covering the whole of the UK, to ensure that our customers are fully supported and are able to focus on their core business. We supply equipment into a diverse range of industries including Quarrying & Aggregates, Waste & Recycling, Timber, Ports, Construction and Civil Engineering.

Our Bristol Base

Strategically positioned to service both Wales and England, our Bristol office is a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide clients with all the plant hire solution services they demand. The bespoke headquarters can be found in Avonmouth (just on the outskirts of Bristol), the location is perfect for accessibility as its only a short drive to the motorway.

03Rental Solutions

Wheel Loaders

Wheel Loaders

Bucket Capacities (m3)

Volvo L45/L50 1.4 - 2.3

Volvo L60/L70/L90 Cat 926M/930M/938M 1.9 - 7.0

VolvoL110H/L120H Cat 950M/962M 3 - 9.5

Volvo L150H/L180H/L220H Cat 966M/972M/980M 4 - 13

Our range of wheel loaders which can be hired

Material Handlers

Material Handlers

Max Working Reach (m)

Sennebogen 817M Fuchs MHL250E 9

Sennebogen 818M Atlas 180 MH Fuchs MHL320 10

Sennebogen 821M Atlas 250 MH Fuchs MHL331/MHL335 12

Sennebogen 825M Atlas 270MH Fuchs MHL340 14

Sennebogen 830M Atlas 350MH Fuchs MHL350 16 - 18

Sennebogen 835M Fuchs MHL360 18

Our range of material handlers which can be hired

Articulated Dump Truck

Articulated Dump Trucks

Payload (t)

VOLVO A25 CAT 725 25

VOLVO A30 CAT 730 30

VOLVO A35 CAT 735 35

VOLVO A40 39

VOLVO A45 CAT 745 42

Our range of articulated trucks which can be hired



Operating Weight

Cat 320 22,500 kg

Cat 330 30,900 kg

Cat 336 37,200 kg

Our range of excavators which can be hired



Power (Hp)

Cat D5 104

Cat D6N 166

Cat D6T 215

Our range of dozers which can be hired

Special Equipment

Special Equipment

Specialist Heavy Haulage

Bespoke Specialist Conversions

Our range of special equipment which can be hired


What We Do

From material handlers to special machinery, we have a diverse range of machinery that can support any project you may have. As well as our exceptional equipment, we also have an extraordinary team on hand who have decades of experience meaning they are able to understand your project and advise on the best equipment or machinery needed. Having our headquarters in Bristol also gives you the added benefit of being able to get machinery on-site to you much quicker than many other competitors.

Why Pick Gorrel Plant Hire

Part of what makes Gorrel stand out from its competitors is its dedicated national support team. The team is made up of Engineers from around the UK, all of which are able to provide expert support and an immediate response time at a call, 24/7. Another reason why our clients continuously use us over other competitors is because of our incredible fleet of vehicles and equipment on offer. In fact, most of our current fleet is less than 3 years old meaning you can place full confidence that the machinery we provide will be the best option on the market and have the lowest chance of faulting.

Our Bristol office is the headquarters for Gorrel, as such it’s where we ensure that all of our operations are fully compliant under ISO standards and various other bodies, more of which you can find under our compliance page. As a multi-national company, we understand that the industry we operate in comes with its impacts on the environment, as such we take these compliance issues very seriously.

Gorrel sits under the Walters Group, a multi-faceted organisation who cover everything under civil engineering, development and plant hire. As such, we have a highly knowledgeable team who will be able to understand your needs, and provide the best possible service.

Protecting Bristols Environment

Here at Gorrel, we are conscious of how our plant work affects the environment in Bristol and the UK. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and we are ambitious with our goals for sustainability. To find out more about how we at Gorrel are reducing our environmental impact click here.


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