Junction 19

M6 / M1 Junction 19 Improvements – bulk earthworks

Walters recently completed works on the M6 / M1 Junction 19 Improvement project for Skanska. The £9.8 million project involved bulk earthworks required to enable a complex junction improvement scheme for Highways England that in total cost £191 million.

Over 142,000 vehicles pass through this junction daily. The original junction 19 on the M1 gave rise to the following problems:

  • congestion, delays and long queues
  • accidents
  • conflicts between local and longer distance traffic
  • barriers to pedestrian, cyclist and horse rider movements

Without improvement, these problems would have become worse.

The scheme in detail

The improved junction provides the following direct free-flow links:

  • A14 to M1 northbound
  • M1 southbound to A14
  • M6 to A14 in both directions
  • M6 to M1 southbound
  • M1 northbound to M6


The objectives of the junction improvement are to:

  • relieve congestion at the junction and improve journey reliability
  • improve road safety
  • separate local traffic from long distance traffic
  • improve conditions for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders
  • keep adverse environmental impacts, especially on the adjacent River Avon to a minimum
  • provide good value for money

Further details of the project can be found here….http://roads.highways.gov.uk/projects/m1-junction-19-improvement-scheme/